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Baby in Flowers

Congratulation! The essence of life has been enriched with the coming of a new born baby!

Every one of us witness this occasion at some point of our life. Parents spend entire life in taking care of their children. They live their dreams through their baby. Only parents know how it feels when they are blessed with a cute little baby.

Indeed this occasion of having a baby is filled with boundless happiness, dreams and wishes. May be not as high as the happiness of the parents but the family members and friends also experience extreme cheerfulness. But there is hardly any way to express the measures of delight experienced on this occasion.

Fortunately, Step N Grab is there! We put forward our earnest endeavors in helping you express you joy and share it with the parents overwhelmed with pleasure. We offer a complete range of bouquets specially arranged for this occasion. After all, flowers are the best possible medium to express your happiness. These colourful and lively flowers signify the levels of your excitement.

When you present a bouquet of flowers, it seems as if the flowers are extending wishes to the new born:

“May you blossom like us all your life, spreading the fragrance of happiness to one and all”

“May you be the source of respite to everyone who comes in your contact”

“May everyone take inspiration from your peaceful nature”

Even the colours chosen for our bouquets have silent connotations:

Yellow: May this new born shine like sun, bringing fame and success to the family

Pink: May the nature of the baby be so, that it provides peace to the soul of all those who come in contact

May the baby always enjoy health and well-being

Multiple colours: May the baby grow into a mature and versatile human-being with multiple talents and creativity

Our bouquets also come with balloons and teddy bear stuff toy to add a little more babyish touch to it..

So what are you waiting for?

Thank your loving wife for completing your life with a sweet little baby. Thank your son and daughter-in-law for giving you the much awaited position of Grandfather/ Grandmother.

Wish your friends or relatives and share the happiness of this occasion with them Today!


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Congratulations: A cool bouquet in yellow!

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