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Friend Ship DayWhen friendship day is around, do you need any other reason to tell your friends how important they are in your life! We generally tend to forget to thank them for being there in our life.

For being there at the times of happiness

For being there at the times of grief

For being there when you did not get good marks in college

For being there when you did not know how to propose to a cute girl.

Yes, friends are forever. They do not demand much, for being your friend. But that does not mean that you will take them for granted. They have always helped you get through tough times by bringing smile on your face. Their presence itself is so delighting.

With friends around you do not even feel like taking rest in bed during severe ailment. They give you strength, they give you hope. They seem to say:

Come what may! We are there for you buddy!

Family has its own place in our hearts but they seldom take place of our friends. It is said that those who do not have friends in this world, do not have much to lose. So take delight in the fact that you are lucky enough to have friends in your life. Is not it a reason enough to celebrate?

Go out, have fun and do not forget to present your friends gifts that they will never forget. With Step n Grab, you do not need to spare too much time on selecting the gift. Just log on to www.StepnGrab.com and order your gift now!!

Choose from the various products like:








Mens Perfumes

Womens Perfumes

Do not forget to surprise your friends with an unexpected delivery of gift through StepnGrab!


Happy Friendships Day!

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House Warming Wishes

Has any of your friend or family members bought a house? Due to some sort of prior work engagement, you are not able to go and wish them for their House Warming ceremony. Do not worry; your presence can be expressed with the lovely House Warming Flowers and fragrances along with tempting cake.

It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Buying a new house is a realization of dreams coming true for many and it is the love that makes a house – A Home. Housewarming is a perfect occasion to decorate your home or your loved ones home with fresh and sweet-smelling flowers and fragrance of their favorite perfume. So send some housewarming flower baskets along with perfumes and cakes to wish someone good luck in the new realm of world that they are about to enter. Celebrate the shift of your near and dear ones in a new house by sending some graceful floral arrangements.

A man builds a fine house; and now he has a master, and a task for life:  he is to furnish, watch, show it, and keep it in repair, the rest of his days. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

The language of flowers and their arrangement in a bouquet is an essential concern at a house-warming occasion. Give flowers that connote something:

  • Lily (Tiger) for Wealth, Pride
  • Bells of Ireland for Good Luck
  • Calla Lily for Magnificent Beauty
  • Jasmine for Purity, True purity is fragrant
  • Palm Leaves for Victory and Success
  • Rose (Red & Yellow) for Happiness
  • Zinnia for Lasting Affection

Step n Grab’s experienced floral designers aspire to bring floral decorations to your home, office or event to make you inspired with the wonder of nature. Send our wonderful flowers and gifts; create an unforgettable memory for all occasions. Just place an order online for delivery of flowers and gifts anywhere in India. Simply click on: www.stepngrab.com

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Baby in Flowers

Congratulation! The essence of life has been enriched with the coming of a new born baby!

Every one of us witness this occasion at some point of our life. Parents spend entire life in taking care of their children. They live their dreams through their baby. Only parents know how it feels when they are blessed with a cute little baby.

Indeed this occasion of having a baby is filled with boundless happiness, dreams and wishes. May be not as high as the happiness of the parents but the family members and friends also experience extreme cheerfulness. But there is hardly any way to express the measures of delight experienced on this occasion.

Fortunately, Step N Grab is there! We put forward our earnest endeavors in helping you express you joy and share it with the parents overwhelmed with pleasure. We offer a complete range of bouquets specially arranged for this occasion. After all, flowers are the best possible medium to express your happiness. These colourful and lively flowers signify the levels of your excitement.

When you present a bouquet of flowers, it seems as if the flowers are extending wishes to the new born:

“May you blossom like us all your life, spreading the fragrance of happiness to one and all”

“May you be the source of respite to everyone who comes in your contact”

“May everyone take inspiration from your peaceful nature”

Even the colours chosen for our bouquets have silent connotations:

Yellow: May this new born shine like sun, bringing fame and success to the family

Pink: May the nature of the baby be so, that it provides peace to the soul of all those who come in contact

May the baby always enjoy health and well-being

Multiple colours: May the baby grow into a mature and versatile human-being with multiple talents and creativity

Our bouquets also come with balloons and teddy bear stuff toy to add a little more babyish touch to it..

So what are you waiting for?

Thank your loving wife for completing your life with a sweet little baby. Thank your son and daughter-in-law for giving you the much awaited position of Grandfather/ Grandmother.

Wish your friends or relatives and share the happiness of this occasion with them Today!


Just log on to www.stepngrab.com

Order you product Now!

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Congratulations: A cool bouquet in yellow!

Rs. 550

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misc_013Congratulations! As, you have got fixed up for your wedding. How about sending gifts to your fiancé or would be? Make them feel that now they have become a vital part of life. Moreover, as said, flowers say it all. Send your choice of flowers or gifts like perfumes, chocolates, gadgets and lot more through Step ‘n’ Grab. Giving a Gift is a perfect way to honor friends, family or colleagues for the occasion of their wedding or on your own wedding a gift unexpected while bring out factual sentiment of your better half.

Let us celebrate the occasion with gifts and sweet words. – Plautus

There is a wedding of a friend or someone in relation. Oblige them by giving their kind of gift or bunch of fresh and colourful flowers on ‘D-Day’. The best time to deliver is on the very first morning after they get married, wishing them a romantic and smooth married life today and forever. Send a bouquet saying wishing you on the best morning of your life.


You can always fill romance in your wedding life in various ways. Like with the help of Step ‘n’ Grab get an iPod, load it with romantic songs and gift it to your better half before or after wedding. Along with their favorite fragrance; like HUGO BOSS or Azzaro Now for men and Nina Ricci or Christian Dior Poison. This will sure make your statement.

Present a box of chocolates to your wife or husband saying ‘thank you for making my life so sweet (mitha) as these chocolates. As chocolates are the best choice to gift someone, it is because there is hardly anyone who will say no to chocolates. Thus, when you stuck in a chaos as to what to gift on the big occasion of wedding; chocolates along with a bunch of flowers will never land you in a wrong way.ex02_largeWedding is a lifetime occasion for everyone; thus make it special for your dear one through us. Just log on to www.stepngrab.com and deliver your true emotions engulfed in your kind of gift or bouquet.

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Is someone you know not well? How about making your dear one’s day refreshing with colourful and lovely flowers? When someone is suffering from illness, giving flowers will surely help in faster recovery.

Flowers have a magical therapy that helps in healing the biggest wounds as it comes along with heartfelt care and love. With Step n Grab, you can send flowers to someone without bothering for their delivery. Step n Grab just takes your order with address and delivers the flowers.

Indeed, it feels so gloomy while someone is on a complete bed rest routine. Showing that you are there will help him/her recover soon.

At some times, it becomes impossible to go and see your loved one in hospital or at his/her place. Thus, sending flowers are the best medium to show that you care even if you do not have time to go and see someone. Flowers will make your loved one feel your presence.

MMThroughout history, “tender loving care” has uniformly been recognized as a valuable element in healing. Even when a doctor treats a patient, he emphasize on “Davaa aur Dua”. Both are necessary for healing. The meaning is that both medicine and well wishes are necessary for quick healing. While medicines are received from the doctor, the well wishes are received by friends and family.

“If wishes were flowers, I did send you a bunch to say get well soon”

Flowers are indeed the simplest form through which you can express your well wishes. By just looking at fresh flowers our mind and soul becomes relaxed and a sense of delight develops. For wishing a sick person good health, we cannot think of anything else other than flowers. Nothing else on this earth can give us a feeling of delicate mercy of god in our hands.

So wish someone today. Wish someone the loveliness of flowers; the colourfulness of flowers; the beauty of flowers. Step n Grab offers various bouquets. Such as:

Flowers In Mug


Love Surprise

Yellow Butterflies

Rather than just sympathizing with words, let us say it with flowers and give someone a Step n Grab bouquet full of wishes.

For more information log on to: www.stepngrab.com

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“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.” – Oscar Wilde

Step n Grab ferrerodeco

‘Thank you’, is a magical term which can mend all sorts of twinge. Remember the last time you thanked your mom simply for just cooking food for you? All her tiredness would have just vanished away. Did you thank your father for helping you in learning the lesson of life? Sure he would feel overwhelmed on receiving your thanks. Say thanks with ‘Step N Grab’ in many new innovative ways.

Sometimes we take it for granted, to have a friend so true. It takes not much in saying thank you; rather it gives a lot in return:

  • It gives you satisfaction
  • Brings smile on the face
  • Boost confidence
  • Makes the day beautiful
  • Fortifies relationships

“I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks.” – William Shakespeare

Thanksgiving is a time for togetherness. It is an occasion to be spent between warm and loving family and friends. It is also an opportunity to renew the ties that bind us with the ones we love. It is a time for remembering, cherishing and being thankful for all the good things you have been blessed with.

So it’s time to say ‘Thank you’ with ‘Step N Grab’

Ways to show thankfulness and kindness:Send a gift

  • With colourful flowers: they say it all
  • Cards: pour your heart out
  • Chocolates: for sweet tooth
  • Perfumes: of the favorite fragrance
  • Gizmos: show, you care

‘Step N Grab’ helps you in showing gratitude; not only on big occasions; but also on regular, ordinary days; to make your loved ones feel great! Choose and pick your kind of gift to thank someone today. Surprise someone by choosing a gift from a wide assortment such as: Exotic Chocolates, Bunch of fresh Flowers, Branded Perfumes, accessories, iPods and other gadgets.

Thank someone now by just clicking on www.stepngrab.com

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How do you show someone you care about them, even if they live far away from you? Ask yourself, should we actually wait for any occasion to show that we really love someone or we truly care? I am sure the answer must be ‘no’. We don’t need to wait for any special occasion. If you wish to strengthen a relationship go ahead to express your fondness without waiting for any occasion.

“It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.” Celebrate the happiness that friends or relatives always give you. Make every day an occasion to celebrate by just sending gifts to those special people in your life; with the help of  Step ‘n’ Grab.

“Happiness is what happens to us when we try to make someone else happy.”

There are people whom we recall and remember but don’t make any attempts to contact them. Perhaps we’re afraid of empty conversations with someone. Though time has changed; still we are striving hard for finding and building relationships in the world. We all know that when the tears fall or the smile spreads across our face, we’ll come to each other. No matter where this crazy world takes us, relationships will never change.


The quest for finding true relations will continue. To foster relationships do not wait for anniversaries. Just treat every day as special as an occasion. Send gifts to those; whom to want to show; how much you care about them or how grateful are you towards them.

“Simple kindness to one’s self and all that lives is the most powerful transformational force of all.”

In today’s busy life, no one has time to enjoy or meet our dear ones. But still there’s a way in which you can bring smile on there faces. The best way is to surprise a person with beautiful floral bouquets or chocolates and cakes from Step ‘n’ Grab.

In this hi-tech world; the most wanted gifts are electronic gadgets and gizmos for boys; such as: Cameras, Ipods, Mobile phones, accessories, Mp3 player and the list goes beyond. Not to forget something that stirs up your senses i.e. Perfumes. Step ‘n’ Grab has variety of fragrances to choose from, such as: HUGO Boss, Ck IN2U, BVLGARI AQUA and lot more.

Just click on the link of  Step ‘n’ Grab and bring a huge smile on the face of someone you really care for. It doesn’t take a lot of money, nor time to really make an impact on a person. A simple expression of care can mean much for someone; that they remember it for a lifetime. Make an impact that stays forever. Visit www.stepngrab.com

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